A new Beat That & Make-up Removers – Update: REVIEW COMPLETE

This week I’ve decided to try out a few new products.

Lately I’ve been indulging in my newly found obsession that revolves around make-up.  Sephora’s got a legit hold on me with their damn point system and my weak self-restraint when it comes to consumerism.

But the products I’ll be testing out this week do not come from Sephora – I actually picked them out at WalMart today while I was out getting a few things we needed for the house.

I really only wear a full face of make-up on days that I’m working – Wednesday through Sunday.  I’m always looking for products that are going to make my make-up last all day long without making me look like a middle-aged melting doll.  I ain’t about that touch up life.  Since my skin is usually oily and we’re headed into summer, I decided to try out a new setting powder.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder in Naturally Neutral 070-11

When I come home from work, my make-up is usually the first thing that goes.  (Let’s be honest:  after the bra is off and I’m a more comfortable version of support, that is…)  I need a make-up remover and wipe that’s really going to get the job done effectively and quickly.  Because this is the first step in my make-up removal routine, I’m really not too picky on the wipes that I purchase, but if they don’t do a decent job, I do get pretty annoyed.  (I’m a complex person full of layers, what can I say?)

Since these were inexpensive and I haven’t tried them out before, I decided to give them a go:

Equate Sensitive Cleansing Facial Wipes

After I use the wipes, I usually follow up with a mild cleanser.  Nothing too heavy because I’ll wash my face again in the shower.  So I decided to go back to one of those cleansers that our mothers and grandmothers probably used back in the day:

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser. Moisturizing Deep Cleanser & Make-up Remover

Don’t miss updates as I test these products out for 5 days straight, to see if they’ll be a tributary keeper or a tsunami toss out.  Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @themeanderingmama and on twitter @themeanderingma


The Results Are In!  

We’ve got two tributaries and one tsunami!

  • TSUNAMI:  Coty Airspun Loose Powder

I really wanted to love you, Coty Airspun but you did not work for me to control my oiliness throughout the day.  And also, you had this smell that was overpowering and unpleasant.  I would liken the aroma to moth balls mixed with a musty floral essence.  Blech!  I really tried to muscle through the smell but when the product didn’t perform up to the hype – I was getting really shiny and oily within less than three hours of application – I just couldn’t fake the funk anymore.  I tried different application methods:  beautyblender bake, pressed in with a dense brush, spot application with a powder puff.  NOTHING worked for my skin and oil issues. Sorry Coty, but you’re out.

  • TRIBUTARIES:  Pond’s & Equate Wipes

I must say, I was pretty impressed with these two products.  They really get the job done and you can’t go wrong with this purchase because they’re both so affordable!  I would go in with an Equate make-up remover, to kick start my end-of-day process.  After I got mostly everything off, I’d go in with a bit of the Pond’s and massage it into my face, even into my eyelashes.  I’d then use the same make-up wipe that I just made the initial pass with to go over my eyelashes and eyebrows to help remove products that get into the hairline – worked like a gem!  I’d finish it up with a warm, damp washcloth to remove the final residue of make-up and Pond’s, rinse, and pat dry.  It gave me the silkiest skin EVER and did not break me out!  I’m definitely using these products until they run out and I would most definitely repurchase them!


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4 thoughts on “A new Beat That & Make-up Removers – Update: REVIEW COMPLETE

  1. Saha-Kehau Paulo, CMP.

    My mother use to use that setting powder! She has oily skin too so I’m sure that’ll help. I’ve used ponds before too! I like the smell, my daughter thinks it smells weird though lol. Can’t wait to hear how you like your stuff!


    1. Maka

      Speaking of smells…IDK if I’m gonna last the week! The powder has a definite smell and I’ve been having to retouch during the day, so we shall see. Loving the Ponds and the make-up wipes so far though! Thanks for leaving some love up on the site!


  2. Namz

    I use the transparent airspun when I do full face and I love it!! Awesome blog Maka!!


    1. Maka

      Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment.


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