One thing I’ve found that works for our family is to try and keep to a daily schedule with our son.  He’s 3 1/2 years old and almost done with his first year of Preschool.  He’s basically been on a schedule for most of his life.  Feeding and sleeping schedules worked for us and I had him sleeping for 12 hours at about 12 weeks old.  He really thrives on structure and is a creature of habit.  He still takes a daily nap, so that’s a bonus, too.  Mainly for the sole purpose of being able to lie down with him and take a nap too, if you feel like you need to recharge your battery.  I don’t know how many time I’ve put him down for a nap, only to find myself waking up next to him two hours later.

My work schedule changed back in July and I found myself working on the weekends.  This left Dad in charge of our son’s schedule while I was away.  The transition was a little tough.  Learning how to consciously let go and allow Dad to have full control over those days was rough.  Not that I’m a control freak – even though I have the tendency to want to jump in and take control of things.  It was rough because I found myself completely vulnerable and coming home from work at dinner time, only to learn of the day’s events that didn’t include me, naps that didn’t happen, junk food that they consumed, etc.

Even though we’re almost at a year into this new schedule, it’s still hard for me to come home on a Sunday and try to hustle to get those items completed on my daily checklist:  dinner done, the kid into the tub for a bath, and off to bed at a decent time.

Yesterday was a fun day.  I found myself off from work and able to spend an entire day with my two guys.  The kiddo seems to have caught another cold – something that’s been relentless during this first year of school – the germ life struggle is real.  We were able to catch a movie (Avengers:  Infinity War), get some lunch at Dave & Buster’s, and chill at home for the remainder of the day.  Bubba went down for a late nap at 3 p.m., so that delayed our dinner.  Dad and I spaced and didn’t watch the time.  Maybe we should’ve gotten him up earlier, but we just let him sleep until he got up on his own, since he was still coughing quite a bit yesterday with an incessant runny nose.

We’ve found that he needs to be bathed and in bed by 7:30 p.m. for us to be able to wake him at 6 a.m. to start our school day trek.  Due to the late nap, we found ourselves finishing dinner at 8 p.m., with bath time starting about fifteen minutes later.  By the time we scrambled to have him in his pajamas and tucked into bed, it was already 8:45 p.m. and he was wide awake.  This strong willed kid of mine wanted to talk story, cuddle, and do everything in his power to try and extend closing his eyelids to end his day.

Needless to say, this morning was a struggle.  I’m off on Mondays, so I let him sleep in for an extra thirty minutes.  When I finally went in to get him up and started with his day, he fought me hard.  Started kicking and screaming – something totally out of character for him.  I knew I was in for a long and painful morning.  The stress of getting him into the car and out the door in the mornings is real.  No matter how much sleep he gets, he takes his time and let’s face it, he’s only three, so I try not to yell and scold him for not moving at a pace that I want to dictate or command.  If we’re in the car with no tears shed and no yelling that morning, that’s a win for me.

This morning was different.  I had to pull the ace out of my pocket and called Dad via FaceTime to help me settle Bubba down and get him focused for his morning routine of changing clothes, bathroom break, and breakfast.  We managed to pull it off without yelling, so that was a blessing in itself.  We were out the door by 7:05 a.m. and found ourselves on the road with hardly any traffic – quite unusual for a Monday morning.

His mood perked up in the car.  We have a morning playlist full of Bubba’s favorite songs.  The playlist is comprised of tunes from Bruno Mars and various movie soundtracks like Trolls, Sing, and Moana.  He was jamming along and singing to some of his favorites while we pulled into an empty parking lot at school.  I parked the car and noticed that no one was on the playground or the black top, which is never the case.  And that’s when it hit me:

there was no school today!

I pulled out my phone to check last week Friday’s e-mail from his teacher.  There it was in bold type as a reminder:  “May 7th:  NO SCHOOL – Principal’s Day.”  Mom fail at it’s finest.  All I could do was look back at my son, who was already looking at me and asking, “where’s all my friends?”

“There’s no school today, bud,”  I explained as I shrugged and rubbed my face in disbelief.

“That’s a shame on you, mama,” he said as I shook his head at me.  Way to rub it in, kid.

“Yep.  Shame on mama,” I said, trying not to bang my head on my steering wheel.

After a long sigh and a few deep breaths, I reversed the car and headed to Costco.  If I was already in town, I may as well get some errands done, right?  A salvaged #momfail attempt at best.  We’ll see what’s in store for the rest of this rainy Monday.

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